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We are currently developing a series of audio clips to develop your knowledge of all of these problematic areas of English.  Our audio clips follow Alexandra Jones, a young singer, through a series of useful situations, such as moving house, looking for a job and meeting with friends.  Here is our suggested way to use the clips:

1. Read the comprehension questions below.

2. Listen to the dialogue without looking at the transcript.  Listen for 'gist'; the main ideas of the conversation. 

3. Listen again; if necessary, use the transcript to follow the conversation.

4. Explore the highlighted phrases in the 'definitions' section of the PDF document, where you will find a full explanation of each term.

5. Make a note of any phrases which may be useful to you (writing an example with it can be useful to ensure you understand how to use it).

6. Listen to the dialogue once more all the way through. 

7. Answer the comprehension questions.


comprehension questions

1.   What two reasons does Alex’s mum give as to why she thinks it will be difficult for Alex to find a flat that she likes?

2.   What two reasons does Alex have for wanting to move out of her current flat?

This free sample pack contains everything you need to use with the MP3 audio clip: transcript, comprehension questions and definitions with examples.  Perfect to use on the go!

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If you enjoyed our sample pack, you can purchase additional dialogues using the PayPal link below.  They are priced at just 79p each; great value for money!  Simply select the dialogue you wish to purchase in the drop-down box and check-out via PayPal.  You will then receive your pack via email within 24 hours.  N.B. A new window will open for your PayPal purchase. 

available dialogues

Sample: Flathunting.  Alex speaks on the phone with her mum about finding somewhere new to live in London.

1. Party time!  Alex speaks with her friend Susie about planning a party to celebrate moving into her new flat.

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These dialogues will be available shortly:

2. Job interview

3. Restaurant

4. Speed-dating



Read more below about the actress featured in our clips. Our heartfelt thanks to Alexandra for donating her time to help us bring these resources to life for you.

Alexandra has background training in Musical Theatre with a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts and has been freelancing as an actress and singer since graduating from Winchester University in 2007.   Prior to attaining her degree, she attended The BRIT School of Performing Arts in Croydon, completing a BTEC National Diploma in Musical Theatre.  Alexandra is now based in Hertfordshire and runs her own business as a 'Vintage Singer & 'Children's Storyteller' utilising her life long passion and dedication to performing.