Hourly rates & time slots

Lessons are offered in 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour slots.

The hourly rate for tuition of any level is £40 per hour. 

Lessons can be split between multiple students if you wish.  For each additional student, you pay just £5 extra.  For example, if you choose to share your lesson with one friend, you will pay £45 per hour, or sharing with two friends will be £50 per hour.

Groups of more than three prospective students should contact us for a quote.

Online Skype lessons will also be charged at a rate of £40 per hour.  Skype lessons also make a great back-up option if you are sick but still want to continue with your lesson, or if you cannot attend your lesson due to weather conditions or personal circumstances.


Hours of operation

Lessons can be booked between 9am-9pm Monday to Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm.   Your tutor will allow you to book a regular slot if they can accommodate this request, or you can simply choose to book one week at a time.


venues for lessons

Due to the back-to-back nature of lessons, it is often difficult for me to travel to students homes to provide lessons.  For this reason, lessons will be charged as follows (based on one learner):

  • Lesson at tutor's home or via Skype or Zoom - £40

  • Lesson at student's home within 5 mile radius - £45.

  • Lesson at student's home more than 5 miles away - to be calculated upon request.

N.B. Travel prices may not be applicable if you are paying for a lesson for more than one student.  Please request a quote.



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