proofreading services

Pronounce Languages also offers an English proofreading service for personal correspondence, CVs, job applications. etc.  All documents will be edited and returned within 24 hours from the time your work is accepted by one of our native English speaking, degree qualified proofreaders.

Proofreading is charged at a rate of £25 per hour.  It is charged by the minute, so for instance a document taking 30 minutes to edit would cost £12.50.

The client can opt for in-text corrections, ready for use, or for applied comments, with accompanying explanations detailing the errors and how to avoid them next time.

To enquire about proofreading documents, please contact us below. 

dissertation writing

We can assist you with writing your dissertation or university projects.  We cannot write projects for you, however we can help you with the style, flow and structure of your essay or project course.  We cover a range of subjects, however the course knowledge and subject information must come from you!


Pronounce Languages also provides both CV creation for native and non-native English speakers.
For edited documents, they will be returned with the edited copy and a clean copy, ready for submission.  This helps to reduce your workload whilst helping you to learn from your mistakes.

transcription services

We are happy to provide transcription services for audio/ multimedia documents in English.  Transcription will be charged at a rate of 80p per minute of clear, English language audio.  Enquire below. 

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