It can be hard finding your feet with a new language, so we offer a beginners starter pack to get you going.  This pack is available for a one-off cost of £20 and includes the following items:

  • Exclusive access to Pronounce Languages Quizlet Class; thousands of online flashcards at your fingertips!  For use on PC, laptop, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones (& printable vocabulary sheets, games and tests).
  • Comprehensive phrasebook for travel covering useful scenarios such as shopping, restaurants and transport.  Comes with a menu guide and mini-bilingual dictionary.
  • Verb wheel; a handy tool for conjugating the most common irregular verbs in your target language.  Helps to improve grammar knowledge and conversational fluency.

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other useful resources

Learning a language is never easy, so we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible.  Seeing language outside of the classroom in 'natural' contexts is hugely beneficial for expanding your vocabulary and familiarising yourself with common turns of phrase. 

les bandes dessinées

Otherwise known as "Les BDs", comics are hugely popular in France.  We recommend Coby Clébard.  Bookmark this page and a new cartoon will be featured twice a week.

the good life france

If you are interested in learning more about French history, French culture and upcoming festivals in various areas of France, The Good Life France is the perfect website for you.  The magazine of the same name is also available here.  It is written in English, so perfect for ex-pats or those with a second home in France.