We are pleased to announce that we will soon be offering Tapas Nights to our students learning Spanish.  We would love you all to join us for fun games, tapas and getting to know your fellow students. 

when & where will they be held?

We have the possibility of hiring the restaurant area of a local pub, on Monday evenings.  Although it is a Tapas Night, the main focus of the night is the Spanish, and not the food... so don't expect a feast; just a light selection of tapas to keep up your learning strength!  :)  Catering to be confirmed - food may be provided, or as last time, you may be asked to bring an item with you.

what level of Spanish do I need?

Everyone is welcome at this event; we will ensure that there is something for everyone; even if you know just a few words of Spanish so far after one or two lessons with us.   The aim of the event is to meet other people learning Spanish, to practice, enjoy the food and have some fun!  Even if your conversation is in English whilst talking about things you have learnt so far, this will still be really useful.

what will we be doing?

Eating and having fun learning Spanish!  It will be a semi-structured evening, consisting of a meet-and-greet and various team activities to help you get to know the other students and a team quiz.  Under no circumstances will any individual be put on the spot for answers! 

how much will it cost?

I will be asking for a contribution from everybody attending, to cover the cost of the venue, the food and the time I have invested in creating all the resources for the night.  Price will be confirmed once I have any idea of numbers.  All profits will go into buying more books and resources for your lessons.

No thanks, i'm too nervous...

Everyone is lovely, and this is the next step on your Spanish journey; putting your learning into practice.  Nobody will laugh or even care if you make a mistake!  Everyone is in the same boat. 

No thanks, I'm too old...

Don't be ridiculous!  All ages welcome; I have many students ranging from 14 to 70 years old! 

I wouldn't know what to talk about with people...

Don't worry, I will be at hand to keep the conversation flowing!  There is plenty of inspiration for conversation topics in the questionnaire - plus of course the obvious topic that is bringing us all together... Spain!

what other excuse can I use?

None.  We really hope to see you there.  No tests and plenty of beginners, I promise! 

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