Online lessons are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the thoughts of those who have studied with us online:

I’m in Madrid for a few days! I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’ve been speaking Spanish for my whole trip! Everyone has been very helpful and hasn’t launched into English when they spot I’m not local. It’s really built my confidence and I always have in mind what you told me: ‘learning a language is about being able to communicate’. And that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do. It feels liberating! I wanted to say thank you for all your teaching and help when I was studying with you. It really has helped - even after all this time. I can’t believe how much I have remembered of the language (bearing in mind I haven’t been using it for over a year).
— Kathryn, Skype tuition (Adult learner, Spanish, 2019)
Susie teaches French and Spanish via Skype to three members of my family, so it’s obvious we’re fans of her teaching style. She is kind, friendly and thoughtful, putting students at their ease and always thinking about how to optimise learning. She is also tuned in to special needs such as dyslexia. Susie has guided us through iGCSEs and we’re now working towards A Levels. She is very well organised and makes sure everything is on track when aiming for exams, taking pressure off the student and supporting them wherever possible. We’re delighted to have her as a teacher and have been working with her for five years.
— Jennifer, Skype tuition (iGCSE French & Spanish, A-level French & Spanish), 2018
Susie is friendly and positive. She has boosted confidence and strengthened skills in both speaking and written Spanish for both of my daughters. Her sessions are very relaxed and enjoyable, my daughters felt they were meeting with a friend. She helped them with grammar concepts they were interested in, going into greater detail than school. She dramatically improved their confidence in speaking, to the point where they were having casual conversations in Spanish. She was excellent at meeting their individual needs, adapting her sessions with ease and enthusiasm. She kept me up to date with their progress, listened to my concerns with understanding as well as bright, useful ideas. She did invaluable work preparing the girls for their exams, with brilliant results. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Zara & Elana, Skype tuition (iGCSE Spanish), 2018
As a Czech student I do not have many possibilities during the school year where I can hear proper British English. I am so interested in how to communicate with a native speaker and how to practice my English skills. This is the reason why I chose English lessons via Skype.
Susie offers high quality lessons. She is a kind, flexible and willing teacher. English is more fun and I can be sure that all of the information I get is correct.
— Daniela, Czech Republic, (Adult learner, FCE English), 2015
Susie is great because she tailors her lessons to what you want to learn and the pace at which you pick things up. She always has a good mix of activities planned and is very flexible. Highly recommended!
— Alex, Stevenage (Adult learner, beginner Spanish - 50% online, 50% face-to-face), 2015
We’ve been receiving English lessons with Susie for nearly a year now and we’ve improved so much! Now we have also Skype lessons, due to relocating, which is also very convenient when we are back in Spain. Susie is really charming and professional and she always prepares our lessons conscientiously with new exercises, especially those to strengthen our weaknesses. She is busier and busier lately with more and more students, so hurry up and book!
— Cristina & Adrían, Madrid (Adult ESL learners, FCE &CAE qualifications), 2014
She is fast and very professional! I would definitely recommend her.
— Mantas, Online (Proofreading services, ESL), 2014