Susie Maria

 Susie Maria graduating at Ely Cathedral. She cites her time studying with the Open University as her biggest inspiration for helping teenagers and adults succeed with their French, Spanish and English language lessons.

Susie Maria graduating at Ely Cathedral. She cites her time studying with the Open University as her biggest inspiration for helping teenagers and adults succeed with their French, Spanish and English language lessons.

Susie is friendly and positive. She has boosted confidence and strengthened skills in both speaking and written Spanish for both of my daughters. Her sessions are very relaxed and enjoyable, my daughters felt they were meeting with a friend. She helped them with grammar concepts they were interested in, going into greater detail than school. She dramatically improved their confidence in speaking, to the point where they were having casual conversations in Spanish. She was excellent at meeting their individual needs, adapting her sessions with ease and enthusiasm. She kept me up to date with their progress, listened to my concerns with understanding as well as bright, useful ideas. She did invaluable work preparing the girls for their exams, with brilliant results. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Zara & Elana, Skype tuition (iGCSE Spanish), 2018
Susie is very organised, competent and likeable. We are convinced that our Spanish will improve considerably with her assistance.
— David & Karen, Royston (Adult learners, Spanish), 2017
Susie is a wonderful tutor, very professional and we are extremely impressed with her teaching.
Thank you for getting Susie for my daughter.
— Cicily, Stevenage (GCSE Spanish), 2017
I always had the intention to register as a pharmacist here in the UK, which has been a challenging for me as the IELTS stopped me every time. I was aiming for a band 7 in all components and despite 17 attempts, I never managed to get it, particularly in the writing section. I met Susie and she gave me incredible help. She assessed my writing and speaking parts. She pointed out my hidden mistakes which preventing me passing the test. Now I passed the exam and I really appreciate your help Susie. Your effort will make my future here in the UK even brighter than before.

(This was after approx. 4-6 hours tuition with Susie)
— Suhel, Stevenage (Adult learner IELTS Academic), 2017
Susie was very prompt at responding and extremely flexible with lesson times. We are enjoying our lessons with her and it’s great that Susie is happy to adapt her teaching to our individual needs.
I would definitely recommend her!
— Lindsay & Tom, Hitchin (Adult learners, Beginners Latin American Spanish), 2017
Really enjoying my French lessons. I feel very comfortable and Susie is very encouraging and i feel i have already made good progress. Thanks susie.
— Debbie, WGC (Adult learner, beginner-intermediate French), 2017
I am an adult casual learner in French and I found Susie to be a very well prepared and enthusiastic teacher. I can recommend her to anyone looking to learn and build up confidence in understanding and speaking a new language, especially to anyone who is well motivated in broadening thier foreign language skills.
— - Nikhil, Stevenage (Adult learner, Beginner French), 2017
Susie is lovely and kind. My daughter always finishes her lessons with a smile on her face and feels good about her learning and progress. She looks forward to each lesson as Susie uses a variety of resources to make the lesson fun.
— Mel, Stevenage (GCSE French), 2017
Excellent knowledge, spots mistakes you never aware of. Thanks Susie!
— Suhel, Stevenage (IELTS academic), 2017
Susie is a great tutor, she has really helped both me and my partner at English IELTS and myself at degree level.
— Lois, Stevenage (IELTS General Training & Degree level), 2017
Susie is an excellent tutor. In the short time my wife and I have been having Spanish lessons she has identified the right balance between theory and practical and we are certain Susie will get us where we need to be with the language for when we move to Spain next year. Susie also gives Spanish lessons to our 9 year old son. She is very natural with him and put him at ease straight away. He looks forward to his lessons each week.
— Ian & Sam, Stevenage (Adult Learners, Intermediate Spanish), 2016
Excellent tutor with clear structure, great resources and very encouraging!
— Sophia, Hertford (Adult Learner, beginner Spanish), 2016
My 13 year old nephew and I are taking Spanish lessons with Susie and it’s been a great experience so far, she’s well organised and makes learning a fun experience. I’d highly recommend her to anyone taking up a language!
— Ian, London (Adult learner, beginner Spanish), 2016
Susie really helps me and my uncle to learn Spanish and is patient when we don’t understand something which is great.
— Joshua, Stevenage (Beginner Spanish), 2016
Susie is the best teacher I have ever had! She is a true professional and always very well prepared for our lessons
— Anna, Stevenage (Advanced English, adult learner, preparing for Cambridge CAE), 2015
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! I originally contacted Susie to tutor my 12 year old son but her lessons were so fun and engaging that my two daughters, aged 10 and 8, have now joined the lessons too.
Susie has been tutoring for several months now and my son has developed so much more confidence already and is willing to have a go at speaking French without feeling so self conscious. I wholeheartedly recommend Susie.
— Becky, Stevenage (KS3/ GCSE French), 2015
As a Czech student I do not have many possibilities during the school year where I can hear proper British English. I am so interested in how to communicate with a native speaker and how to practice my English skills. This is the reason why I chose English lessons via Skype.
Susie offers high quality lessons. She is a kind, flexible and willing teacher. English is more fun and I can be sure that all of the information I get is correct.
— Daniela, Czech Republic, (Adult learner, FCE English), 2015
Hi Susie, I thought that you would like to know that H has been told that she got a B today in her oral. I am absolutely over the moon. I want to personally thank you for giving Harriet extra time on Saturday when she needed it most and for being so positive.
— S & H, WGC (GCSE French - a student told by the teacher that she might as well give up trying because she wasn't capable of achieving anything above a D), 2015
Amazing teacher with a real passion for languages. She works at your pace and changes her teachings style accordingly.
Have advanced in Spanish massively with her and long may it continue!
— Tobie, WGC (Intermediate Spanish, adult learner), 2015
After my free trial lesson I can tell you that Susie has a true gift for teaching.
As a mature student !..... I thought I would really struggle but she was brilliant; I can’t believe how much we covered or how quickly. Learning is fun, who would have thought !!
After telling my son about our lesson he’s keen to join us for the next one!

— Andy, Ware (Beginners French, adult learner), 2015
I have been having Spanish lessons for a while now and have to say learning with Susie is a pleasure, she is so patient and easy to get along with really look forward to continuing my journey and achieving my goal with the fantastic tutor Susie many thanks for your constant support and help.
— Steve, Stevenage (Beginners Spanish, adult learner), 2015
Very friendly and approachable,relaxed and patient. A great tutor looking forward to more lessons.
— Steve, Stevenage (Beginners Spanish, adult learner), 2015
Excellent tutor; early days but I enjoy each lesson.
Susie is very easy to listen to and always has well prepared lessons. Thanks Susie. Rob
— Rob, Watton-at-Stone (Adult learner, beginner Spanish), 2015
Susie es estupenda! I have quadrupled the amount of Spanish I know in a few months. She is a lovely person and is extremely passionate about what she teaches.
She is as keen to teach as you are to learn and is very flexible with her hours.
Susie is the best!
— Tobie, WGC, (Beginner Spanish, adult learner), 2015
Cannot recommend Susie highly enough. After only having a few sessions I feel very comfortable and find myself looking forward to the next lesson. Her teaching approach is very good and have already picked up so much. She is well organised and a pleasure to learn from. I can see myself getting a great deal from learning with Susie.
— Sam, Luton (Beginner Spanish, adult learner), 2015
Susie is a charming and very bright lady.
She is very well organised and prepared. I am very much looking forward to continuing my language learning with her and feel confident she will be able to help my rather old brain absorb sufficient information for me to eventually converse in Spanish.
— Richard, Letchworth (Intermediate Spanish), 2015
Always on time, lessons well planned and a very pleasant teacher. Have already recommended her to others. Thanks Susie.
— Tony & Patsy, Stevenage (Adult learners, beginner Spanish), 2015
Susie is great because she tailors her lessons to what you want to learn and the pace at which you pick things up. She always has a good mix of activities planned and is very flexible. Highly recommended!
— Alex, Stevenage (Beginner Spanish, adult learner), 2015
Made us feel relaxed and worked at a pace suitable to us. Five stars.
— Anthony & Lisa, Stevenage (Adult learners, beginner Spanish), 2015
Only early with this tutor but I must say I am so pleased I found Susie. She is an inspiration to my daughter. I would recommend her. Thanks.
— Mark, Stevenage (GCSE French), 2014
I’ve been having lessons with Susie for some time now and I’m really happy with her tutoring. She makes me feel at ease and is very patient. She clearly has a passion for languages and it`s very obvious in her work. I’d recommend Susie to any level; I will be getting my kids to have lessons with her soon too.
— Mercedez, Stevenage (Beginners Spanish), 2014
Susie is a brilliant listener and has great understanding on how gain the most out of learning based on your abilities and strengths. I have only just started having basic French lesson with Susie but as a sufferer of dyslexia she has really attended to my needs providing me with easy step by step lesson plans, resources and visual aids. I would highly recommend Susie as a tutor to anyone looking to brush up or expand on their language skills.
— Alex, Letchworth (Beginners French, adult learner), 2014
Susie is an engaging tutor. She is encouraging and keeps you motivated. She flexibly adapts her teaching to suit your learning style and language goals. I was surprised by how much I remembered in such a short time. I would recommend Susie for any language she was willing to teach.
— Tiffany, London (Conversational French, adult learner), 2014
I have always wanted to learn a language but I’ve just never had the confidence. Learning with Susie at Pronounce Languages, I feel much more confident in speaking and writing French. The lessons are fun and creative and I learn much more than just a language – I learn about the culture too, which I find makes my lessons very enjoyable and rewarding.
— Kim, Letchworth (Beginners French, adult learner, couple), 2014
Five stars! I highly recommend Susie as she makes learning a new language so much fun! I have had lessons tailored to not only my individual interests but also with the aim of eventually taking my GCSE in Spanish. Susie is very welcoming & I instantly felt comfortable. I learn & laugh every lesson!
— Tracy, Luton (GCSE Spanish, adult learner), 2014
We’ve been receiving English lessons with Susie for nearly a year now and we’ve improved so much! Now we have also Skype lessons, due to relocating, which is also very convenient when we are back in Spain. Susie is really charming and professional and she always prepares our lessons conscientiously with new exercises, especially those to strengthen our weaknesses. She is busier and busier lately with more and more students, so hurry up and book!
— Cristina & Adrían, Madrid (Adult ESL learners, FCE &CAE qualifications), 2014
I really can’t thank you enough for all of your encouragement with learning French. Before my lessons, I would have never had the courage to speak with people on my holiday. Thanks to you, I had the holiday of a lifetime in Guadaloupe and I can’t wait to go back! Speaking basic French opened up new doors and really allowed us to see the real Guadaloupe. Thank you so much!
— Andy, Ware (Beginners French, adult learner), 2014
She is fast and very professional! I would definitely recommend her.
— Mantas, Online (Proofreading services, ESL), 2014


We have no GCSE students for 2017 - all students will be sitting their exams 2018-2019.

Recognition of our tutor & students' hard work:

  • 100% pass rate for FCE Cambridge exam. 80% first time pass rate.

  • 100% pass rate for CAE Cambridge exam.

  • 100% for IELTS academic and general training exam. 70% first time pass rate.

GCSE French 2016:

  • Grade A* & B

GCSE Spanish 2016:

  • B grade

GCSE French controlled assessments 2015:

  • A* Speaking (the only pupil in the School to achieve this grade)

  • A* Listening (the only pupil in the School to achieve this grade)

  • B Speaking

  • B Writing

Here are our students' 2015 GCSE French results:

  • A (improved from D with 1 hour of tuition, term-time only for 4 months)

  • A (improved from E with 1 hour of tuition, term-time only for 4 months)

  • B (improved from U with 1 hour of tuition, weekly for 3 months)

  • B (improved from E with 1 hour if tuition, weekly for 3 months)

students' work

We always hope our students enjoy their lessons.  Here are just a few samples of some of the creative work produced in class.